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Nicole is an absolutely gift from the fertility gods and I definitely attribute her approach with helping me get pregnant.  She has an incredible depth of knowledge and really takes the time to understand each individual's needs.  She is supportive, compassionate and nonjudgemental healer and a genius when treating the body. I met Nicole while undergoing fertility treatment at a fertility clinic.  Once I decided to drop traditional drugs and stick to acupuncture and herbs only I really felt a change in my body - subtly at first - but it was very clear Nicole's way worked for me.I would not only recommend her for fertility treatments but for anything related to the body.  As a bonus, her 5 minute cupping treatments feel like a 50 minute deep tissue massage!
I’m not exaggerating when I say that Nicole’s treatment changed my life.  I’m in my early 40’s and suddenly got Crohn’s Disease, severe arthritis and costochondritis.  I’m on Humira, blood thinners, and pain medications, and though pain would just be part of my life. I wasn’t a true believer in Eastern medicine and was worried about drug interactions if I took Chinese herbs.  In Nicole’s thoughful hands, I felt completely at ease.  Her acupuncutre treatments made a big difference in managing my pain, but after going on a special customized formula she made for me I am an entirely different person. I was able to exercise for the first time in months, and can finally run around with my kids again.  Thank you Nicole!
Nicole helped me out when I was (inexplicably) feeling low on energy for awhile.  She used various treatments and these definitely contributed to regaining my energy again.  My body felt reinvigorated and my mind relaxed.  Nicole makes a great connection with people and I would definitely recommend her for treatments.
I was introduced to Nicole by a good friend, the moment I met her, I knew she was the practitioner I wanted to work with on my journey of fertility. I trusted her warm, caring and steady presence. Nicole is patient and wise and ultimately helped me towards my greatest goal of getting pregnant. I have recommended many of my own clients and friends to her and without a doubt will be heading her way when I plan on getting pregnant again! She is a gift to us all!
I'm old enough to have seen the Comet of 1812, but I run marathons and play basketball...which is to say I was always hobbling around. What hurt? What didn't hurt? Then I put myself in the hands of Nicole, who is so smart and attuned. Before too long, I felt - well, normal, pain-free. Thanks to Nicole, my hobbling days are over and I'm shooting to run a marathon in 2112.

Treatment Menu

New Patient

90 Minutes

As a new patient we will spend some extra time together going over your health history and goals. We will discuss what to expect and answer any questions. Relax into your acupuncture treatment. Treatment includes any herbal scripts, moxa, and cupping if appropriate.

Existing Patient

60 Minutes

We will start your treatment with a short update, and then get right to the good part of you relaxing into your acupuncture session. Any herbal scripts, moxa, and cupping are part of your treatment as needed.


$120 / 45 Minutes
$80 / 30 Minutes

This service is available for patients who need herbal medicine only.  We will go over your health history, discuss goals, and your unique treatment plan. Chinese medicine herbal  deliveries are available worldwide.

Micro-needling with Acupuncture

$260 per session/$1200 for 6
90 Minutes

For those looking for a targeted skin rejuvenation element, this includes acupuncture, celluma light therapy, and serums. Please read the micro-needling section for more details.

Facial Gua Sha with Acupuncture

$220 per session
90 Minutes

A dreamy treatment that includes acupuncture for the body and face.  A deep dive into relaxation and de-stressing with facial cupping and gua sha, and a little added collagen boost while you rest under the Celluma Infrared light therapy.

Extended Acupuncture

90 Minutes

Some days you need more. This treatment allows for more table time, a front and back treatment, additional cupping or moxa and more of what you need.