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& Fertility

Menstrual Disorders

Cramps, bloating, mood swings and fatigue are not something you should have to put up with.  Acupuncture excels at managing fibroids, cramps, endometriosis and adenomyosis.  Acupuncture and Chinese herbs can natrually regulate the menstrual cycle with lasting results that can be life changing.
Fertility Support

Treaments for preconception and beyond.  Creating a concrete treatment plan we will work together closely to maximize your fertility.  Chinese medicine can treat a wide range of feritlity conditions, such as frequent miscarriage, fibroids, luteal phase defect, endometriosis, hormone imbalances, amenorrhea and poly cystic ovarian syndrome.
Assisted Reproductive Technology

IVF/IUI/Egg retrival can be supported with acupuncutre and herbs.  Positive patient experices and many studies show that acupuncture and herbs can optimize your outcome.
Pregnancy and Postpartum

This is an important time to focus on your physical and mental health.  Chinese medicine has been used safely for centuries to treat and ease discomforts of pregnancy and conditions related to postpartum.
LGBTQ+ Family building

Providing reproductive care to people of all gender identies and sexual orientation is something Nicole is passionate about.  Through years of experience and results she strives to provide meaningful results in an open and caring environment.
Perimenopause and Menopause

Transitions for some include unpleasant symptoms along with the wisdom. Chinese medicine, nutrition, and lifestyle changes can ease this transition and guide your body back to a state of balance.