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An adjunctive therapy for relaxation, pain, and boosted immune response.
Cupping is a traditional therapy with roots in several parts of the world including China, Eygpt, and the Middel East.  Methods of cupping such as needle cupping, dry cuppIng, flash cupping, slide cupping and wet cupping will be determined by our focus.
Cupping works by pulling the skin into the cup while increasing blood flow to layers of connective tissue and stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system. Cupping can be done up to once a week and generally leaves red marks lasting 4-6 days.
Suction is created with either a flame or hand pump depending on the type of cup being used.  This suction can be adjusted to mild medium or strong, with one to several cups being used at once.
Potential candidates for cupping are people with stress, migraines, pain, reduced range of motion, congestion and colds, digestive issues, and those looking to boost their immune system.