Classical Chinese Herbal medicine is a highly organized system utilizing 300 common medicinals.  Each herb has a specific flavor, temperature, and location in the body that they can effect.  For example they can be sweet, bitter, bland, spicy, cold, neutral, warm, or hot, they can direct to the lung or stomach, spleen, liver and so on.  

How we combine the herbs allows us to treat multiple symptoms and physiological imbalances.   A typical formula combination can range from 2-15 herbs.  As we go along in your treatment plan, we will make adjustments to the formula dosage and ingredients to follow the presenting stage of pathology.  

Custom herbal teas will be prepared for each individual based on their needs.  Typically teas are made with fresh raw herbs and cooked at home or by an herbal pharmacy at your request.  They can also come in the form of granules (powder), or pills.

Not all acupuncturists are herbalists,  be sure that your practitioner is a board-certified herbalist, because even though herbs are natural substances if used inappropriately they can be unsafe.